Biography of Chris Robertson:

Chris Robertson was inspired to become a slide guitar player after first hearing Duane Allman. Other major influences include: Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Lowell George, Blind Willie Johnson, Roy Buchanan, and Rory Gallagher, as well as many other artists.

Chris’s other bands: with BOB STANNARD & Those Dangerous Bluesmen and with PITZ QUATTRONE & The Freelancers and Chris & Pitz’s  unique grooving rhythm, rock, world blend Duo: DidgerIGroOve!

Chris also often sits in with friend Dave KellerThe Dave Keller Band where Chris played with: Memphis soul artist Johnny Rawls, and the late, great, Robert Ward.  

Other bands Chris has played with included: Patti Labelle’s drummer Larry Davis aka Ancestor Gold Sky & The Native Son, Jimmy Branca’s Bloozotomy, James O’ Halloran, Blue Fox & The Rockin’ Daddys, B.A. Funkhouse, The Jalepeno Brothers, Left Eye Jump, Funkwagon. It was also with Chris has been a member of: Shades of Blues, The Chameleons, Will Killhour Band, The Great Brook Blues Band, and Pitz Quattrone’s Earthman Band.

The Socket Rockets was formed by Chris in 2006 as his own project.