Socket Gear


    • Fender “Goldfinger” Telecaster Caster 2003 (Center)
      Painted and built by Bill Crook “Crook Custom Guitars”
      PT Cruiser Gold
      “USA Guitars” Body & Neck
      Adder neck pickup
      Voodoo Peter Florence Bridge Pickup
      4 Way Switch
    • Fender Flame O’ Caster 2004, Fender (Left)
      Flames and guitar designed by Chris Robertson
      Painted by Jeff Briggs at “Painted Hog”
      Assembled by Bill Crook “Crook Custom Guitars”
      Adder Neck Pickup
      Peter Florence Voodoo Humbucker in bridge. (Gibson Flame cover)
      Split-coil humbucker and four-way switch (Total 7 Pickup combinations)
      “USA Guitars” Body & Neck
    • Fender “Danny” Caster 2007 (Right)
      Painted and built by Bill Crook “Crook Custom Guitars”
      Ferrai Gold
      Joe Barden T Neck & T Bridge Pickups
      “USA Guitars” Body & Neck


    • Fender “Tweed” Champ October 1962 (Top)
      8″ Jenson all original
    • Fender “Hot Rod Tweed Deluxe” 1999 (Left)
      12″ Eminence Speaker (Amber tint by Karli Robertson)
    • Fender “Tweed” Deluxe Amp January 1959 (Right)
      12″ Jenson P12R All Original
    • Fender Tweed Clock, Mini Deluxe and Tweed Lunch box
      Danny Gatton album and CD in tribute.